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We can now declare that summer has officially started; Lynn is firmly ensconced at the Ballot Box until the end of September! We brought her up over the 4th of July weekend. The original plan was to “caravan” up on Friday afternoon with our good friends Peter and Linda, but they called us earlier in the week to let us know that they wouldn’t be able to get away early enough on Friday to make it up to Maine at a reasonable time. They changed their plans to drive up by themselves early Saturday morning, which they did.

That allowed us to drive ourselves up Thursday night after work. We put the “stuff” for Lynn’s summer (at least the stuff we thought of beforehand) in the van and drove up, hitting the road about 8:30 pm and arriving at the Ballot Box about 11:30 pm. I tele-commuted to work for the first half of the day Friday (I *love* broadband internet), and in the afternoon we did some errands;  we hit Sully’s dog-and-brat wagon for lunch (before the bridge in Newcastle, heading to Damariscotta), stopped at the post office to pick up any mail (mostly grocery store circulars; we don’t get much mail up here), and we hit the hardware store for some things.

Peter & Linda at Pemaquid Point Park

Peter and Linda arrived as scheduled Saturday morning, and after a lunch of sandwiches at the house, we piled into the van and headed to Pemaquid Point to visit the ocean and the lighthouse in the park. It was a gorgeous day; bright sun, warm breeze, gentle sea. We hit the Sea Gull Gift Shop beside the lighthouse park after the park, and then stopped for ice cream in New Harbor. In Damariscotta we stopped at the fish market by the bridge to pick up lobsters and steamers for dinner that night, then headed home to work up an appetite for crustaceans and bivalves.

Gene & Lynn at Pemaquid Point Park

We cranked the lobster pot up on its stand and fired up the side-burner on the grill to boil water for the steamers. With a bottle of Big Claw white wine, a salad, giant lobsters, and lots of steamers, dinner was a feast!

Unfortunately, Lynn woke up with a raging migraine on Sunday and ended up staying in bed all day. Ice-packs for her head, a run to the grocery store for some ginger ale, and a quiet day spent at the house reading and watching movies were the order of the day. We had planned on spending a quiet day at the house anyway, so nothing was forsaken except Lynn’s head. By evening, Lynn was able to come downstairs and get some nourishment and visiting time; the worst was past and she was on the road to recovery.

By Monday morning (our 37th anniversary!), Lynn was tired but pretty much back to normal, so we all had breakfast together and Peter and Linda and I prepared to depart south, leaving Lynn (and the van) up in Maine. The ride down was uneventful – we left early enough to avoid the Route-1-closing 4th of July parade in Wiscasset. Traffic was fairly light considering it was the the end of the holiday weekend.

I’ll be heading up about every other weekend throughout the summer, usually on Thursday night and tele-commuting on Friday.

Posted 10 July 2011 by Gene Vogt in Damariscotta, Maine, Newcastle, Summer

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