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16 JULY 2015

No blog entries since the end of March – I’ve been derelict in my duties!  We haven’t been up to the Ballot Box much this spring and summer.  After our end-of-March visit we didn’t make it back up until 24-26 April.  The month of May gave us a lot of days in Maine as we spent the weekend of 15-17 May and the WEEK of 22-30 May, which included Memorial Day and our 6th annual Memorial Day Weekend Summer Kickoff Lobster Feed for Lynn’s side of the family. The party was a bit smaller than in other years as both our girls and their beaus had to miss the festivities.  I volunteered to eat their lobsters!  I also installed and wired a new weather-proof hi-def power-over-Ethernet (PoE) webcam under the front eaves of the house to replace the webcam we’ve had in the front window for over four years.  Unfortunately the webcam was weather-proof but the RJ-45 Ethernet connection – which carries network signal and power in a PoE installation – was not. The camera connector shorted out in a rainstorm so I dismounted it and sent it back to the manufacturer for repair.  As of today it’s still not back so we’re back to depending on the front window webcam for visibility until the repaired camera returns.  It will get some waterproof tape applied when it’s reinstalled.

Only one trip north in June (17-21), but it was an emotional visit.  As many of you know, Lynn is an active quilter and actually teaches quilting to beginners occasionally.  She belongs to two quilt guilds, one in MA and one in ME, and soon after Lynn’s automobile accident one of her Maine quilt buddies (Meredith) contacted me to collect email addresses of Lynn’s quilter-friends in MA and elsewhere so she could contact them to see if anyone would be willing to make a quilt block (quilters, you know what that is) to be sewn into a commemorative thank-you quilt to be given to the Rockport Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad (the people who rescued Lynn after the crash).  Meredith collected numerous blocks from thirteen quilters living in at least four states.  She received enough blocks to make two full quilts plus two throw pillows to go on the couch in the fire department lounge/break room.  Lynn is actually alive today because an off-duty Rockland policeman and volunteer Rockport fireman and EMT (one man, two jobs) named Billy Smith, and his RN wife.  He and his wife came upon the accident just after it happened (they were heading out to dinner at a local restaurant that night).  Billy found Lynn unconscious and not breathing.  He cleared her air passageway and sat behind her in the wrecked car, holding her head up so she could breathe until the full complement of the rescue crew arrived to attend to Lynn, cut her out of the car, and take her to the local emergency room.  Meredith arranged with Rockport Fire Chief Jason Peasley to present the quilts at the department’s June meeting on the afternoon of the 18th. This link leads to the pictures from the presentation of the quilts (click on any small picture to bring up the larger version of the picture along with the description and Exif photo details below the picture; hover to the right of the picture to make a right-arrow appear, and click it to advance to the next picture).

We spent an extra day at the BB for the July 4th holiday weekend, heading up on the Wednesday before instead of Thursday (Friday was the holiday for me).  Audrey and fiancé Todd joined us on Thursday and we all gathered at Lynn’s sister Jan and Joyce’s place in Brunswick for a holiday cookout.  A nice way to spend our 41st anniversary.

That’s pretty much it for the Ballot Box visits in the 3+ months since the last blog entry.  We’re off to Montana the end of July for a family wedding, then we’ll attempt to resume our regular schedule of every-other-weekend in Maine.

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