Where’d the Sign Go??   1 comment

27 JULY 2015

IMG_9646For those who are local and who notice these things, the “The Ballot Box” sign out at the end of the driveway has been removed from the post. Don’t panic, nothing’s changed.  The sign has been up for almost six years and is showing a little weather-related wear-and-tear along the edges, so it’s in the basement undergoing minor R&R (Repair and Renovations).  I had originally gone out Saturday to attach a shim under the sign bracket since the 4×4 post it’s attached to has developed a distinct curvature towards the road and the curvature affected the levelness of the sign, but when I got up close I could see the paint peeling a bit along the top and side edges so I took the bracket and sign down to do the work.  Since we’re only up on occasional weekends I’m guessing it will take about a month to complete the work.  It’ll be back in no time at all!


img_20150815_112732264a-25pct20x-BAnd now the sign is back!  I repainted the edges of the sign that showed wear-and-tear, restriped the black border trim, repainted the bracket, took down and refinished the brass post numbers, repainted the black band on the post, replaced the hanging hardware with stainless steel eyes and s-hooks, coated the sign and the numbers with spar urethane, replaced the brass screws on the numbers, and remounted everything today.  Good as new!

Posted 27 July 2015 by Gene Vogt in General, The Ballot Box

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